Your 555 club

The 555 club is the home of live, bitesized wellness.5 lives calls a day. 5 days a week + exclusive access to on demand recordings to help with clarity, calm and focus.

Power in Simplicity.

5 minutes of Breathwork
5 minutes of Meditation
5 Minutes of Gratitude Journalling.
Breathwork - Scientifically proven to reduce stress and increase focus. 5 minutes of breathwork will give you the micro reset that you need in the middle of your day.Meditation - Build bullet proof focus and concentration though a consistent meditation practice. These 5 minutes will leave you calm, present and ready to get back to your day.Gratitude - When you focus on the good, the good gets better. Gratitude gives you fuel to keep going, to recharge, to see how far you've come.

No Max Usage. Ever.

Your Membership gets you:- Unlimited access to the live 555 calls.- A growing library of on demand recordings.- A community build on real people, with real connection.- 15% hypnotherapy members discount.


"... What started with a quest to reset during the day and calm a busy mind has turned in to better sleep, more focus, the discipline to workout 5 days a week, to eat healthier and to perform better at my job while still being present for my family. I couldn't recommend this more as part of a lifestyle transformation or a quest for work life balance." - Phil - AE @ Yellow Bricks and 555 club Member."It gives me a mental, emotional, and physical boost that's simply brilliant" - Mike, Director"...The 555 club means that I clear out “the noise”, leaving me calmer and more motivated, focusing on those things which I need to do" Angela - Projects and Innovation